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Volunteers needed...

Will YOU be in Nashville on Saturday, June 18? William Mwizerwa, who serves as Pastor to our Middle TN Refugees, needs many of us to help with their big fun run event & fundraiser on June 18 to celebrate World Refugee Day - can YOU help?

Last year, they had a very successful event, and it was all possible because of the great volunteers that helped out!

If you can volunteer on June 18, please attend a volunteer meeting on June 11 @ 10:00am at the Brentwood office of African Leadership.

Dear friends and family of faith,

It has been a while since my last post.  The world has seen so much happen in such a short time.  OBL’s capture and death, the deadly outbreak of tornados unlike any in US history, the continual need to respond with love to earthquake victims still digging out in Japan and Haiti, the unfortunate miss-prediction of the end of the world and any number of other tragic moments that we are trying to put into perspective…  How all of this works in our struggle to believe and trust  God, who is good and leads us into righteousness, is sometimes difficult. 

Tornado Disaster Relief: Nashville Presbytery and Mission To North America

Efforts to help the storm ravaged cities in the southeast are currently being coordinated through the PCA's mission organization, Mission To North America. The CCC Diaconate is currently organizing teams with MNA. Immediate need is for a skilled list of volunteers and a general list of volunteers. Email your name, specific skill and contact information to Scott Roley ( or call Lisa in the church office at 615-468-2261. 

Nashville Presbytery will be following Mission to North America's lead on Disater Relief

As a church family we are preparing to organize an effort to assist those in need. Please be prayerful about how you can help with your time, talents and resources.

Our Nashville Presbytery will be following Mission to North America's (MNA) lead on where our church's can best help. This is the latest from MNA on Tornado disaster relief and we're expecting info from MNA highlighting other needs later on...make sure to check back.

You're Invited...Scott Roley in Concert…featuring special guest artist John Catchings.

Friday April 29th, 7:00pm at The Franklin Mercantile (  4th Avenue North—Franklin, TN.

Join us and bring a friend to The Franklin Mercantile as Scott performs some old favorites as well as a few new ones (there is no cover charge and seating is free). 

Dear Beloved Community,

I trust we are all continuing to fast and pray seeking Jesus even as He seeks us, what a marvelous Spring this will be. I have been enjoying a recent assignment which centers on advocacy for Children At Risk.

Dear Beloved Community,

It is the second week of Lent and I’m trusting that your fast is going well… which of course means if you are at all like me, you are failing miserably at being perfect and are therefore forced to rely on Jesus! Just knowing that our Savior spent forty days in the wilderness of temptation and chose to fast as he fought the good fight for us is a comfort. My prayer this week is that we keep Him central in our thoughts, prayers and actions. Remember, we belong to Him and in this world full of trials we need to be ever more tuned into His desire for us…

Dear Community,

This weekend I will be traveling with Dan Coley to Birmingham, Alabama to teach a conference on Adoption and Orphan Care.  I am so humbled to be going with Dan who I consider a Guru on the subject of Orphan Care.  Whenever the issue of Orphans comes up I also immediately think of Jack Miller and his God given understanding of our personal and corporate Adoption in Christ.  I am realizing through my own orphan’s heart that this current time in the life of Jesus’ Church has never been more critical in its challenges for us to let go of our orphan status, accept our adoption a

Dear Community

We heard again this week of a local suicide and of the closeness of that person to many of us. It is at times like this that the Gospel of Jesus’ deep love and His amazing Grace extended to His people needs to be meditated on silently, whispered quietly to our hearts and aloud to each other and then shouted from the rooftops as we realize we have no other place to turn. We struggle as did the Apostle Paul and King David in understanding why these difficult and ‘hard to explain’ events occur.