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A View from The Franklin Table on Memorial Day weekend...


Dear Table Nation,

It is Memorial Day weekend a time set aside to remember the men and women who’ve given their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces. We are grateful for their service to our country and continue to pray for their loved ones.

Scott and Jeff on Orphan Care

Last fall my brother Jeff and I attended the CCDA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana together. With us in Franklin, Tennessee and Jeff in northern Michigan getting together is always a challenge, so this was a great opportunity to get together for a few days in an envirenment of like minded people. While we were there we had the opportunity to do an impromptu Q and A on orphan care. This is a subject that is dear to both Jeff and I so we were glad to be able to share our thoughts.

A View from the Franklin Table

Dear Table Nation,

It has been over a month since my last report and I am very excited about the work the Lord is doing through all of you as you support The Franklin Table... I have just returned from two weeks in Italy and one week in Israel. Michael Card and I were able to film two shows for the Day of Discovery program on the Ion network focusing on Mike's writings on the Gospel of Mark and a new book we are writing for IVP on Spiritual Friendship. Please pray the Lord uses these videos to build His Kingdom!

A View from the Franklin Table . . . Happy New Year!

Dear Table Nation,

Happy New Year! I am amazed that we are in the first weeks of 2012... what a year 2011 was, filled with the greatest contentment as I moved out in a new ministry direction as well as great sadness at saying goodbye to Pastoring at my beloved Christ Community Church.

Good News from The Franklin Table

Dear Franklin Table Nation,

It is hard to believe we are actually coming to the end of 2011! The Franklin Table has enjoyed a wonderful start as a non-profit and is engaged in many exciting adventures. As the Director I am privileged to live, work and serve among vibrant people groups, ministries and at risk communities in the City of Franklin and in Williamson and Davidson Counties.

Big John's Fire Fund

Check out this 2 minute video about an amazing man who lives in Hard Bargain and serves on our non-profit board... and who recently lost his house to a fire:

“We must learn to remember our future into our present”

I am finishing the first month of rehabbing my new hip and all is going well... The future looks good and I seem to be right on track. With all that said, I still easily tire and can't quite concentrate on any topic for more than a few minutes... but some would say that sounds normal for me. I am thankful to Dr. Paul Thomas and his team for doing such a fantastic job on the replacement, I can already feel how much more stable I am and how greatly this will benefit my life. After thirty days I am reminded that like anything... time is a real healer.

Medical Update on Scott

Dear family of Faith,

Scott is being released from the Hospital this afternoon (Thursday). He is feeling great and is very happy to be going home. Thanks to everyone for your kindness and prayers!


Medical Update on Scott

Dear family of Faith,

Hi, it's Lisa (Scott's assistant), I have spoken with Linda…Monday and Tuesday were rough days for Scott. He has not been able to sleep at night and with the challenges of physical therapy and the Hospital “routine”…is feeling quite exhausted.

Let me encourage you…if you would please wait to visit him after he returns home. He needs a little lead time to heal and recoup (pray for him as he learns to walk with his new hip). 

Update on Scott's surgery

Dear family,

Hi, it's Lisa, (Scott's assistant)...many of you have asked how Scott is doing after today's Hip Replacement surgery. Linda called and to say he is doing great. He is back in his room and says he is amazed how much "better" he arthritis pain (of course the drugs aren't bad either)! He is in good humor and drifting in and out. Should rest the remainder of the day. I will update you as he progresses.

Thanks for your prayers.