News about our beloved board member Big John Murphy...

Dear Friends of Hard Bargain:

As some of may have heard, the home of Big John Murphy burned to the ground early Sunday morning. Big John is a life-long Hard Bargain resident and has served this community for many years: a second generation stone mason, a Boy Scout leader in Hard Bargain for over 15 years, a Korean War veteran, stone masonry shop teacher at Franklin High and Page High, former Franklin police office and former deputy with the sheriff’s dept., minister in the Primitive Baptist Church, and for the past several years- a board member of Hard Bargain Mt. Hope Redevelopment and site superintendent of all the homes we have built.

I found out today that Big John did not have a current home insurance policy. He had a policy previously, but when the company went out of business, he unfortunately did not get a new policy. He lost everything in this house fire- his house and all of its contents- and will not be reimbursed for anything.

We have set up a fund to help Big John through our Hope Fund. You can make a tax-deductible donation to help out Big John. You can make an online donation at our website at or you can mail a check made payable to HBMHR (write Big John Hope Fund in the memo) and mail it to:


PO Box 545

Franklin, TN 37065-0545

Please let me know if you have any questions.