Dear Beloved Family

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is January 15th and we as a nation will celebrate his life on Monday, January 17th.  The Empty Hands Fellowship and the Synago group along with other ministries dedicated to racial reconciliation will join Strong Tower Bible Church that night at seven pm with an evening production of "A Prayer Over Coffee" which celebrates the impact ‘prayer’ had on MLK.  STBC is located in the People’s Church, 828 Murfreesboro Road, which is on the Southwest corner of Hwy 96 and the Mack Hatcher bypass in Franklin.  Doors open at six-thirty pm, children are welcome and the cost is Free!

The presentation which includes music by the STBC choir and recording artist Toby Mac highlights the prayers of Dr. King and especially the night his house was bombed and he sat with coffee praying through what God intended for him to do.  Many times in my life I have been awakened in the middle of the night to meet with the Lord.  Often I put on a pot of coffee.  I have found this early prayer life to be helpful because the day time intrusions don’t exist and the temptations to get busy are quieted.  My friend Scotty Smith is the guru of early morning prayer and he has taught me much through those risings to meet with the Lord. 

In light of the fact that Jesus transformed a Nation through that remarkable night with Dr. King I know He will continue to meet with His people when we least expect it.  My prayer for you is that our listening to and following after Jesus are the results of knowing He is pursuing us… the ones He loves and came to die for!

Let this week and weekend be filled with joyful praise to our God as we worship Him and then spill out that love to those we care for and perhaps to those we might normally overlook.  We put our faith in Jesus who died for sinners like you and me.  The Gospel is what changes us… it is what changed Dr. King.

Blessings to you all as we Worship, Care and Serve and I will see you for A Prayer Over Coffee…

Deep love,