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Love the web page, it brought back a lot of great memories from when I first got to know the Kendall Clan.

Scott and Linda, I love your website. Thanks for sharing it. You are both very special and I count it a blessing to know you and to have worked with you and to have you as our pastor. I didn't know you were so famous but I did know you were always one of my favorites! Love you both, Nancy Kunkel

Dan & Scott,
Awesome webpage, thanks for the memories! I am excited to not only be your brother in Christ, but your earthly brother (in law). You are the man!

I love it. Your the best. Great video of us at Curb Cafe. Bummer we doubled up the refrain....ha!
love you

Jeff, I never heard the term ""spoolie"" before, but it sounds like the look he was going for. I had one myself once. But since no one knows me, once I destroyed the photos, it was forgotten. Scott on the other hand, let me scan them - and put them up on the internet.

But honestly - the music, yes, even Aslan, has gotten better. Although we do chuckle each time we hear Ted's song. : )

Sweet site. I had no idea you were so famous! Dan emailed me asking for my input. What! No fishing pictures?! I love the historical mural at the top. I thought you were into free music downloads? Too bad I don't have any co-writes on those first two albums. Thousands will be downloading the Aslan album.

Seriously, great site, easy and intuitive. I want to see your ""spoolie"" look come back, however, from your City Limits days. And you and Matt do a cd.

Psychedelic man!


You have always been one of my heroes. What a great site and how cool to see you and Matt singing together. Love you man.